My Background

Aliyah Marr is a graphic designer, artist, creative director, author, business development advisor, creative coach, multimedia artist, inspirational speaker, and educator. Author of 11 books on creativity, personal development, and social change.

Creative Consultant / Inspirational Speaker / Vision Coach

Founder of the ThinkUpside Down counter-culture book imprint and social movement. Aliyah Marr is a designer with a stellar list of Fortune 100 clients: companies such as IBM, American Express, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and Chivas; she is a published author with articles in major magazines, such as Create Magazine and Business Week.

Aliyah believes in the transformative power of creative thinking and brings all her years of teaching, marketing, and design experience to the table in helping others become the creative architects of their own lives.

A Vision of the Future

Aliyah claims that there are more creative geniuses on Earth than at any other time in recorded history. The sheer numbers of creatively awakened, free-thinking individuals on the planet has precipitated a unique event: for the first time, the human species will evolve to a new level of coöperation and sustainability. We stand at the threshold of the most powerful leap in human evolution—this leap is not physical or technological; it will be a quantum leap in human consciousness.

At the base of her vision is the empowered, free individual that Aliyah has coined, “the Conscious Creative.” The tsunami of human evolution generated by the quake of creative empowerment is on our event horizon, approaching us as time disappears.

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With a Fine Arts degree from the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris France, Aliyah taught graphic design, art, interactive programming, and new media at Parsons (The New School), Pratt Institute and The School of Visual Art in New York City. She has created over 100 e-learning tutorials on design, created an interactive manual for the Hummer, and worked as a designer for two feature films.

She writes books on creative empowerment, gives keynote addresses and seminars, teaches workshops, and works as a corporate trainer.

A Note from Aliyah Marr

I have been a visual designer for most of my professional life. I started out as an artist, became an editorial illustrator, then a graphic designer, and finally a multimedia designer. Along the way, I taught graphic design and interactive programming at the three top design schools in NYC and published many e-learning modules and video tutorials. I have also written and published several books on creative development and creative empowerment. My work as an author has revived a long-time interest in books and book design.

The Tarot of Creativity by Aliyah Marr

In 1994, I created my first Tarot deck, The Transformational Tarot, as an online game. Later, I started down a long road as I started to study the Rider Waite Smith deck in earnest. My fascination with the symbolism in Tarot continued as I created my second deck, The Tarot of Creativity—this time in print. Of course, I couldn’t stop there. I went on to write three books on the Tarot.

My story of how I started with the Tarot is here.

My design portfolio shows my design work and follows my interests as a visual designer, with an emphasis on book design, interactive design, and e-learning design. In addition, there are articles on social behavior as it relates to business and design: viral marketing, social networking, blogging, web design, advertising, UI design, virtual community building, video, cult marketing, communication, social media management, PR, experience marketing, branding, communication design.



Published Books

The Tarot Key, Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

Do It Yourself Tarot: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn How to Read Tarot

The Tarot of Creativity Little White Book
The Companion Guide for The Tarot of Creativity

The Avatars of Eden

Unplug From the Matrix

Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity
The missing manual for your right brain

The Creative Life in 365 Degrees

Celestial Journey: The Voyage of the Creative Spirit

–> All Aliyah’s books and games on Amazon

Accurate and timely

Thank you. I actually heard from two of the people (referenced in the tarot reading) immediately; one by email that night and the other the next morning. Thanks again.

Ray S.

Deep integration

Thank you for the reading. It means a lot to me! I’m still receiving/contemplating it. Blessings.

Carolyn V.

Be Empowered

Aliyah has a special gift in that she can get to the root of your personal and professional issues very quickly. She is able to open your eyes so that you see aspects of yourself which you never knew existed.

Mark N.

A Great Mentor

Aliyah is a great teacher who has awakened strengths that have been dormant in me. My views on life have changed since working with her. She helped me understand that I can create whatever I want.

Enrique L.

A beautiful experience

Thank you. A beautiful tarot reading.

Mara W.

Now I want to know more

Thank you so much! Very interesting. I don’t want to say more because I’d like a bigger reading in the next week or two.

Lisa A.

I’m glad I chose you as my reader

Thank you very much for the quick return of my tarot reading. It is highly accurate, very informative, guiding, and very different to others I’ve had. I love it!!! I’m glad I chose you as my reader.

Wendy C.

I feel as though I am flying very high…

Brilliant. Thank you for the Tarot reading. I’ve been working with it and feeling the energy in my body. I feel as though I am flying very high…

Jacqueline G.

I finally feel unstuck

I’m very grateful for all the information provided regarding my question and for all the beautiful words used! I’m happy that I choose you to answer such an important question. If I feel stuck in the near future I’ll contact you again.

Maria M.

I shall be using the deck for all my business-related sessions…

I used your deck (The Tarot of Creativity) to break my ongoing fixed thought pattern in a software solution I and others have developed, which have become embedded over the years.

Lewis R.

It inspired me

The tarot reading was fabulous, thank you, Aliyah. It really resonated with me and inspired me to let my light shine.

Jade G.

My life and business have soared…

Working with Aliyah is an ever-evolving playful and productive journey. She has helped me recognize my creativity and my life and business have soared. Thank you!

Robyn S.

A very accurate reading

I know I’m responding rather late, but thanks so much for the very accurate tarot reading!

Joshua R.

I highly recommend her if you’re feeling stuck…

I can’t say enough good things about working with Aliyah Marr, she is inspirational, keeps me on track, has sound advice and is very knowledgeable in many aspects of the creative fields.

Cheryl R.

The process seemed effortless and the sorrow is gone…

After one session with Aliyah a 50-year old deep emotional trauma was dissolved and in its place is pure love. The process seemed effortless and the sorrow is gone.

Dee H.



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