Tarot Reading Testimonials

Tarot Reading Reviews

Thank you for the reading. It means a lot to me! I’m still receiving/contemplating it. Blessings

~ Carolyn V.

I know I’m responding rather late, but thanks so much for the very accurate reading!

~Joshua R.

Thank you. A beautiful reading.

~ Mara W.

Thank you. I actually heard from two of the people (referenced in the tarot reading) immediately; one by email that night and the other the next morning. Thanks again.

~ Ray S.

Thank you so much! Very interesting. I don’t want to say more because I’d like a bigger reading in the next week or two.

~ Lisa A.

It was fabulous, thank you, Aliyah. It really resonated with me and inspired me to let my light shine.

~ Jade G.

Brilliant Thank you. I’ve been working with “ask it to form a more solid relationship with you” and feeling the energy in my body.Knocked me somewhat as I adjusted to the increased vibration. I feel as though I am flying very high at the moment with this powerful wave we are experiencing.

~ Jacqueline G.

Thank you very much for the quick return of my tarot reading. It is highly accurate, very informative, guiding, and very different to others I’ve had. I love it!!! I’m glad I chose you as my reader.

~ Wendy C.

I’m very grateful for all the information provided regarding my question and for all the beautiful words used! I’m happy that I choose you to answer such an important question. If I feel stuck in the near future I’ll contact you again.

~ Maria M.

Thank you, Aliyah! I know intuitively it’s a definite yes in my body. My brain is trying to catch up as the timing came in a bit unexpected but very clear.

~ Gratefully, Donna B.

The Tarot of Creativity by Aliyah Marr

Reviews of The Tarot of Creativity

I just wanted to let you know that when I stumbled upon your deck I really felt like I had found something special. The words chosen for the card are so well picked (the ones that I’ve seen thus far) and the art is so thought provoking and simple. I can already tell that it is going to become my go to deck for personal readings.

I love the deck. I find I’m getting some of the most insightful readings I ever have with these cards. Half of my interpretations consist of the spontaneity of first glance. With your hand-picked words on every card, I have my gut reaction to the words as well as the original meanings of the cards to reflect on. I feel like this gives me greater insight into the message being presented. Sometimes it even results in multiple messages on the same topic arising.

All in all, your deck is amazing. I adore it and have used it daily since it arrived. Start that kickstarter! I’ll back it for sure!”

~ Alexander M.

Aliyah’s unique tarot deck all-ways inspires me. The images and matching words/phrases consistently invite me to think ‘outside the box,’ to look beyond life’s illusions, and to relax into ‘what is’. I’m grateful to have and use these cards as a reference point.

~ Joe Monkman, Personal Development Trainer

I had the amazing opportunity of using the Tarot of Creativity deck last Monday. It is truly a work of art and love.

As I first went through the cards, I felt the aliveness in them. I felt as though the images were coming out and reaching deep parts of my inner self. Aliyah and I exchanged readings. This was a truly blissful experience. I could feel how her Tarot deck has her pure essence, her life, her experiences, her lessons, her love.

It is a very mature, yet innocent and spontaneous deck that truly reaches your soul and makes you reevaluate your intellectual creativity from that pure place inside if you. It is an awesome tool for marrying your body, mind, and soul. Thank you Aliyah for sharing this gift with the rest of the world. 

~Abel Valdez

Aliyah’s beautifully painted Tarot Of Creativity has become my go-to deck. It supports, complements and enhances the classic deck. The Tarot Of Creativity excels at giving a clear course of action and distilling the esoteric meaning in traditional types of decks. I love using this deck.

~Peter Avedisian

I used The Tarot of Creativity to break my ongoing fixed thought pattern in a software solution I and others have developed, which have become embedded over the years.

I did a Tarot reading about this today and got a very powerful direction to break what exists so it can be re-worked in less linear fashion.

The concepts behind your deck resonate with me, as I too feel that Pamela Coleman Smith (the illustrator of the Rider Waite Smith deck) was left on her own with the Minor Arcana and what came out was her very personal (and lovely) view of the Minors which has been repeated and copied 1000 times since 🙂

I see both sides to every card and like the way you have approached that concept, plus modernizing the look and feel.

The deck really looks great in a today’s world setting and for business. I particularly like the focus on the Law of Polarity and the positive, current layout of the cards.

The deck was duly consecrated and my 3 card draw about a massive presentation we have to give to a global services company soon gave me: Partnership, Passion, and Concept – the three things we need to push on the meeting.

Thanks very much, I shall be using the deck for all my business-related sessions 🙂

Thanks and congrats, 

~Lewis R.