The Grand Awakening

I just got this card for a client and felt it was so appropriate to what is happening globally that I felt inspired to write about it.

The Meaning of the Tower Card in Tarot

Number 16 of the Major Arcana is the Tower card. It shows a crowned tower struck by a bolt of lightning. Two figures, a male and a female, fall from the tower. It is a card of calamity.

The equivalent card in the Tarot of Creativity is called The Awakening. The figure in this card holds a newspaper over her head and a mask in her hands. She is stuck inside this world that reports (and interprets) outside events. While the newspaper is covering her head, she can’t see, but her mask is off. Once she removes the newspaper, she will be able to see the outside world beyond what she is being told.

When I get the tower card these days I know that the status quo is about to break apart. This means insecure feelings for a while but it also means that your life is about to change in a big way. It is up to how you react to the event as to whether the result is net positive or negative.

The main trick is to not resist what is happening, or rather, don’t judge or try to figure out what is happening. Instead, allow yourself to “go with the flow” of the change. This way your ego gets out of the way —this allows for something else that isn’t thought-based or ego-based to come through. 

The crown on the tower represents the ego and material success. The lightning bolt is directed by Jovian sources to strike down the tower of success and egoic status. It is the Tower of Babble. 

The falling figures are both male and female, so it is not just one side of your brain/existence/male/female balance that is affected. It is everything imaginable.

An Unimaginable World

And that is the key word here: Imaginable. What is imaginable is the Known. The Known is based upon what we have deduced about the past. It’s not really the past—it’s our thoughts—or rather, what we think of past events. 

What is coming to supplant the known is the unknown or perhaps even the unknowable. This is huge!!! Petty tyrants manipulate the known. The world that is being rendered asunder is the World of the Petty Tyrant—the world that tells you that you cannot trust your intuition and be free; the world of fear which manifests as insurance, taxes, war, disease, debt-slavery, and high-finance. The old Matrix of fear and domination.

The Ego’s Crisis and the Soul’s Desire

This card is clearly telling you that you won’t be able to think your way out of this crisis. You just have to go through it and feel your way forward. 
Normally, when times are secure we feel we can ignore the call to align ourselves with this intent. But, paradoxically, it is only when crisis strikes and temporarily dethrones the ego that we have the chance to do “something radically different” and discover our soul’s desire.

What is happening is that the ego is being “dethroned” by the higher self masquerading as a crisis. Magic occurs in the space between thoughts, and this tiny moment of the now is where the alignment with the amorphous higher self can occur. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to align yourself with the intent of your greater self. The higher self, like a guide on a hill, can see farther and better than us. We need to open up to its guidance; guidance that can only come through our intuition, not through our thoughts.

Fear of the Unknown or Excitement for a New Future?

What is struggling to be born is something that we have never seen in our lifetime. In fact, no one in eons has ever seen—it exists outside the known and outside of history, and even outside of known possibilities. It is the unknown, and it is truly exciting.

Man is said to “be at his best in the face of the unknown.” Fear is just one way of interpreting the energy that is running through our bodies right now. The Buddhists say that fear is just the “unskillful” version of the energy of excitement. What faces us is unbelievably exciting: a future is poised to be launched that is completely unlike the past.

All we have to do is convert fear into excitement and hold the energy of excitement in the face of the unknown.

Intent is the river that flows incessantly by our front door. Only when we are free of fear—or perhaps compelled by fear to jump into that river—that we are able to float on the current of intent and allow it to carry us into a better future.

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The Tarot of Creativity, a rare, artist-created deck by Aliyah Marr
The Tarot of Creativity, by Aliyah Marr

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Below are all the cards in the Tarot of Creativity and the equivalent card in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot. Click on any image to enlarge it.

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Tarot as a Blind Date

My romance with the Tarot started out as a blind date.

In 2004, I created a conceptual art project that explored the nature of proximity and meaning; I wanted to design a computer game that would randomize the titles to paintings that I had already created. I decided to model my game on the Tarot since it contains cards with pictures on the faces. I designed The Transformational Tarot as a virtual deck of 116 cards; some of the cards contain an untitled image while others display only a single word. When you “shuffle” the deck, the program creates a spread of randomly chosen image and words.

Screenshot of the Transformational Tarot interface

My experiment was very successful, but not in the way I intended. About halfway through the project, after I had programmed the game and created the cards, I realized that I had somehow made the transition from creating a conceptual art project to creating an actual tarot deck. I tested it on myself and found it was eerily accurate. Then I ran it online and asked for feedback. The results were surprising: my game was reviewed in a magazine and endorsed by the editor. People loved it; many readers said it was the best reading they had ever had.

At the time when I created this computer game, I thought the images and symbolism of what I called the “traditional” tarot were uselessly archaic; I did not resonate with the images I saw in the Rider Waite Smith deck or other traditional decks. Years later, when a traditional tarot deck came into my hands, I found myself studying it in earnest.

Learning the Tarot by studying what others think the cards mean was very dry and difficult for me. The meanings traditionally assigned to some of the cards didn’t jibe with my interests or intuition. I had just written my first book on creativity, and I intuitively saw that the Tarot, like art, is a tool for personal evolution; a way to access your intuition and higher guidance.

Over the years that I worked with the cards, I developed a blended reading technique called the SEER System™ —described at length in my books, The Tarot Key, and Do It Yourself Tarot—which makes it easy to interpret the cards at a glance.

My passion for the cards is the same thread that connects and informs all my work; a seeker’s quest for the answers to the questions that haunt all of us: what is the hidden reality that lies behind all things?

Energy Report 9-18-18

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#KundaliniAwakening —The (love) energy infusion continues.

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Energy Reading

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Deep cellular and Kundalini work was accomplished over the weekend.

Currently, lots of ephemeral options are up for tantalizing us.

Potential timelines are dissolving as we look.

Opportunities are in offing but given parsimoniously and probably not real.

Look to inner resources which are still hidden.



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CARD #1.

3 of Wands

Symbolizes established strength, enterprise, effort, trade, commerce, discovery; those are his ships, bearing his merchandise, which are sailing over the sea. The card also signifies able co-operation in business, as if the successful merchant prince were looking from his side towards yours with a view to help you. A very good card; collaboration will favor enterprise.

Good tidings are on the horizon.

See clearly.

Be aware of the potential business or career opportunities in the offing. Don’t miss them.

CARD #2.

5 of Cups

A card of loss, but something remains over; three have been taken, but two are left; it is a card of inheritance, patrimony, transmission, but not corresponding to expectations; with some interpreters, it is a card of marriage, but not without bitterness or frustration. Generally favorable; a happy marriage; also patrimony, legacies, gifts, success in enterprise.


Turn around.

Generally, you should try to see the opportunity that you are missing. This means that you might be looking in the wrong direction.

CARD #3.

Ace Pentacles

Perfect contentment, felicity, ecstasy; also speedy intelligence; gold. The most favorable of all cards.


You have “the matter in hand.”

The aces are the distillation of the meaning of their suit: the wands are about energy, the swords refer to thought, the cups are about emotions, and pentacles are about material manifestation. Because the manifestation process from energy to matter ends at the pentacles (matter), this card signifes that the energy of an initial inspiration is about to appear in material form.


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