How to ask a Question of the Tarot

Best Questions for Your Tarot Reading

The Empress/Intuition from The Tarot of Creativity
The Empress/Intuition from the RWS | The Tarot of Creativity

For a Yes/No Oracle reading, make sure you ask a question that can be answered with a yes or no:

Should I take (option A) at this time?

Should I take (option B) at this time? (note, that options have to be separate questions)

Is this job good for me (at this time)?

Should I pursue this direction (at this time)?

Is it too early for me to make a decision?

For other readings, you can always choose a “blind” or open reading so the Tarot can access your greater awareness and give you more understanding about yourself.

However, sometimes we need more specific information so here are some samples of the kind of questions the tarot can answer:

What do I need to understand/know about…

What do I need to know to make my decision about…

What am I ignoring/not seeing?

What is holding me back?

What can I learn from the past?

What is my future self/higher self trying to tell me?

What are the obstacles to achieving my dream?

What can help me achieve my dream?

What do I need to know about my love life?

What do I need to know about my career?

What do I most need to know about the situation with this person?

What is likely to happen if I take this direction?

What do I fear?

What is causing this emotional block?

What are my strengths/weaknesses?

How can I move my career/relationship forward?