Transformational Tarot

The Transformational Tarot by Aliyah Marr Copyright 2004 Click on the image above to play the game (you need Flash installed in your computer's browser: sorry, the game is not playable on mobile devices).
The Transformational Tarot by Aliyah Marr Copyright 2004

Transformational Tarot by Aliyah Marr

Note: the Transformational Tarot is no longer available.

I created Transformational Tarot as an interactive Flash game in 2004. This art game was featured in an interactive exhibit, called Digital Concentrate at Purdue University.

How does the Tarot work? I have to admit to being a skeptic in the beginning. I even created my first deck without any belief in it or any real experience with the cards. I thought the Tarot was for credulous fools. But after I created the Transformational Tarot computer game, I tested the programming by running a few readings of my own: the results were eerily accurate. When I posted my game online, people wrote to me that their readings were the best they ever had.

But my rational mind balked at the evidence. I had to explore the ideas of consciousness and quantum physics to arrive at an answer. (To explore the relationship between mind and matter read The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.) Obviously, the random program I had designed was influenced by the people running it, or perhaps the subconscious of the player was choosing to translate the reading in a more meaningful way than was possible in a completely random environment. So, that meant that the random program was not truly random, or that meaning was being seen where there was none — or a third option: something else was at work.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr


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