The Grand Awakening

I just got this card for a client and felt it was so appropriate to what is happening globally that I felt inspired to write about it. The Meaning of the Tower Card in Tarot Number 16 of the Major Arcana is the Tower card. It shows a crowned tower struck by a bolt of lightning. Two figures, a male and a female, fall from the tower. It is a card of calamity. The equivalent card in the Tarot of Creativity is called The Awakening. The figure in this card holds a newspaper over her head and a mask in her hands. She is stuck inside this world that reports (and […]

Tarot Reading for You

To get a personal reading, please pick one card from the image below.   The next image shows you the card you chose.     Here is the reading for each card: CARD #1. The 6 of Swords You are leaving troubled waters behind and going into a much calmer space. Your traveling and the time of transience is over. Home is on the horizon. CARD #2. Ace of Wands RV Now is not the time for new ideas or innovation. You can implement old ideas or continue with them, but initiating new ideas at this time will be difficult, if not impossible. CARD #3. The Emperor RV Lately, the ego has […]