Tarot as a Blind Date

My romance with the Tarot started out as a blind date. In 2004, I created a conceptual art project that explored the nature of proximity and meaning; I wanted to design a computer game that would randomize the titles to paintings that I had already created. I decided to model my game on the Tarot since it contains cards with pictures on the faces. I designed The Transformational Tarot as a virtual deck of 116 cards; some of the cards contain an untitled image while others display only a single word. When you “shuffle” the deck, the program creates a spread of randomly chosen image and words. My experiment was very […]

Tarot Reading for You

To get a personal reading, please pick one card from the image below.   The next image shows you the card you chose.     Here is the reading for each card: CARD #1. The 6 of Swords You are leaving troubled waters behind and going into a much calmer space. Your traveling and the time of transience is over. Home is on the horizon. CARD #2. Ace of Wands RV Now is not the time for new ideas or innovation. You can implement old ideas or continue with them, but initiating new ideas at this time will be difficult, if not impossible. CARD #3. The Emperor RV Lately, the ego has […]