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CARD #1.

The 6 of Swords

You are leaving troubled waters behind and going into a much calmer space. Your traveling and the time of transience is over. Home is on the horizon.

CARD #2.

Ace of Wands RV

Now is not the time for new ideas or innovation. You can implement old ideas or continue with them, but initiating new ideas at this time will be difficult, if not impossible.

CARD #3.

The Emperor RV

Lately, the ego has become extremely distracted and ADHD. You may not be able to access your rational mind; you need to guide yourself with your gut. This may feel like you are proceeding with a blindfold on, but you have to learn how to guide yourself in this new way.


We are being infused with new energy and you can sometimes feel as if you are being electrified or your nervous system is being fried. The best way to go forward is to allow the energy clear passage through you into the Earth, where it is destined to transform matter through the infusion of clear energy. During this time, it may seem as if your mind has “gone down the rabbit hole” and you are unable to think clearly or rationally at this time.

The ego self is having a hard time holding 3D reality together, and it feels as if it is losing its mind. Which it is. Reality/the Matrix is built from the fear-based ego, and as the ego is increasingly lost and ADHD, the world can feel really shaky and scary. The ego is being asked to give up control, but there is no way it can do that willingly as it thinks the loss of control means it will die. If it felt safe, it could relinquish control, but it doesn’t feel safe.

YOU have to make it feel safe, and the only way to do that is to listen to the ego’s shadow self and fears without judging yourself for having these fears. The world is on the tip of a massive change. Allow yourself to leave the past with no regrets. You may feel a bit as if you have been through a battle or war, and now you are entering a new time. As of yet, this future is not revealed, so you must have faith that all will be well.

All that happens to you now is working out in your best interest.

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